Hi. I'm Deyan and this is my website. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

Over the years my passion for aesthetics has been driving me into various creative fields. I started with freehand drawing, and shortly after I was enrolled to study architecture. I began working as a draftsman in several architectural firms, and I've been freelancing as a graphic designer ever since. I admire good design — one that is simple and rational. I'm continuously expanding my visual culture and knowledge of the world that surrounds us, and often find myself inspired by everyday things. My work always starts with pen and paper.

While being online, you can review my portfolio, photos that I upload, my professional profile, or my Dribbble and Pinterest accounts. You may also constantly monitor my online activity by subscribing to my feed, or even better, write me at deyan@dragov.com.

My primary fields of interest are: architecture, graphic design, typography, web, computer graphics, contemporary & fine arts, photography & retouch and industrial design.